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This is Democracy
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A production from the History Department. Visit Not Even Past for more information.

15 Minute History
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Point of Discovery
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Brazilian Portuguese for Spanish Speakers

Ta Falado

Italian Grammar and culture podcast

Radio Arlecchino

These guys have a writing podcast called, plainly enough, The Writing University. It has mixed reviews and perhaps it's not as much about writing as it is people TALKING ABOUT writing. But the recorded events with some notable authors may possess some hidden gems and life wisdom.


Voting in Brazil

We were wondering how the Ivy Leagues were performing in the podcast world... well, this one's doing very well. Princeton has some excellent releases on Brazil and democracy and a load of other subjects based on research coming out of this institution. Check it out!


Waving the Russian Flag

IU has a lot of what we'd call single-cell organisms. There are a number of interesting releases on a variety of topics pertaining to the Arts/Humanities though the audio isn't particularly sonorous. We suggest browsing and finding what you like. One thing that caught our collective ear was this talk by Ekaterina Levko on Russian students perception of the US. (Just a heads up: it's in Russian).


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