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Thank you for joining us! This site is a global project purposed for two things: 1) promoting diplomatic networks through podcasting, and 2) encouraging better communication within communities and across borders to foster diplomacy on an international scope. From the dawn of the shortwave, Radio has been a vital technology for everything from military strategy to entertainment, but we especially value the medium's power of diplomacy. Broadcasters have long competed for the ear of nations everywhere. During the Cold War especially, when the West thought they had to combat Communism somehow, radio became this weapon that could (for a cost) penetrate the Iron Curtain with ideas, music, culture, and other pieces of forbidden Western civilization. But much of the impetus of such Cold War efforts to disperse information for the sake of creating empathy across borders has collapsed alongside the Soviet Union. But listening unlocks empathy, which is why we believe radio hasn't lost its value, but with technology so changed, there's only better and cheaper ways to talk to people. That's why we are firm advocates of "Pod" Diplomacy and are trying to start as many culturally-engaging podcasts at academic institutions as possible. How many great researchers never get to share what they've learned? How many of us could benefit from new knowledge and understanding cultures that we've only imagined? No Stereotypes here. Only Stereo. (Yes, we realize that's cheesy.) We believe a sound democracy (and world) requires both compelling storytellers and active listeners. Forget one-man diplomacy, forget waiting for the right heads of state to come along. To overcome division, we have to listen.

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